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Camp Circus

Ok. When i went on this site, i thought, hmmmm, looks sane enough. I didn't know how wrong i was! This site is 100% insane. The first thing you notice about the site, is the fact that it seems to be quite serious. It is not. For instance, have you ever seen a hippo climbing a tree? Well just click on Bruce's Zoo; "A collection of the most extremely rare and bizarrely stupid animals you'll never believe survived", and its true! Who would have though that a tree climbing hippopotamus could exist! let alone a radio-active fly! Dont believe me? just click here and take a look.

One of the funniest things at Camp Circus, though, is the "Non celebrity Death Match", "People you donít know and never will know fighting to the death in the most gruesome fashion. So hardcore it'll make you wet!". Wow. This is cool, take a look!

Two people fighting to the death!
copyright ©Camp Circus, www.campcircus.da.ru

Here you can see Dave verses Och-Aye McNobi. Dave is being cut in half by a real life light-saber, amazing. Then there's the "101 things", a collection of witty articles about, for instance, "Alcohol Induced Spontaneous Spatial Displacement". This amazingly cutting-edge theory explains how you get home from the pub after you've had one too many, and is extremely accurate! i should know, i tried it last night! It didn't work for my flatmate though, who turned up this morning naked, covered in mud and carefully caressing his rather long piece of rope (highlight the previous text, if you are over 18).

Anyway! Back to the review. Camp circus is a well designed, fast, funny and, most importantly, very weird! Therefore Weird Wacky awards Camp Circus 9 Stars!

Click to go to Camp Circus!

9 stars out of ten!9 stars out of ten!9 stars out of ten! 9 stars out of ten! 9 stars out of ten! 9 stars out of ten! 9 stars out of ten! 9 stars out of ten! 9 stars out of ten! 9 stars out of ten!


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